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The Affordable Biohazard Solutions Group was formed to help those who seek reasonable and affordable services for, death cleaning and sharps disposal. We are locally owned and operated and licensed with ADEQ and Maricopa County. We believe in fair market pricing for all our services. We have taken a broadband approach in our supply chain where we have been able to not only effectively control our prices but lower them for our clients. This has made it affordable for anyone seeking biohazard death cleanup to medical waste sharps disposal.

A quick overview of our Companies

Trauma Cleanup Solutions

Has been providing all types of death cleanup services, along with unattended death. Summer months in Arizona typically see a drastic increase in decomposition death. The need for decomp cleanup spikes mainly because body decomposition is accelerated in the higher summer temps. Blood and bodily fluids will exit the body quickly during accelerated discomposure, creating a very unpleasant death scene. We use the term trauma cleanup for most jobs; however, this phrase is used to describe suicide cleanup too. Biohazard remediation is a broad-based description of our services because essentially anything coming out of the body is considered biohazardous waste. We will work diligently with the homeowners insurance carrier to make sure our services are paid for by the insurance company, leaving no out of pocket costs to the families. If there is no insurance coverage will will work with the family to make this a Affordable Biohazard Cleanup.

Our Commitment to you: Biohazard Death Cleanup done right the first time

Innovative Medical Waste Solutions

Provides sharps container pickup. “Sharps” is a term used in the medical field to describe the red container where use needles are put into. Medical sharps potentially have disease carrying blood or other bodily fluids on them, which can live on a needle for over a week. Sharps waste disposal is critical in the safe wellbeing of any medical facility. Improper medical waste disposal can put virtually everyone in the facility at risk, from doctors, nurses, patients and even the janitorial staff. More than ever people can self inject themselves with many types of medications at home. The same risks at a medical facility can exist in a home. It is vital proper storage and sharps disposal is practiced in homes. We offer a home sharps pickup service; it is recommended sharps containers should be picked up no more than every 60 days.

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A Quick Message From The Owner

Arizona Trusts Our Companies...

Our Companies are based In Chandler Arizona. After 28 years in the Industrial Cleaning Industry, I decided it was time to add on new companies to industries struggling to provide professional death cleaning service and medical waste pickup.

I recognized the ongoing need for specialized services in Medical Waste and Trauma Scene Cleanup. I have taken my years of operations, management and team building to organize a streamlined approach whereas customers and clients will get the fastest response at affordable prices, by well trained technicians.

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Patrick Brady

United States Air Force Veteran

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